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Work for sustenance, dignity and hope describes the common goal of Jubilee Jobs that we share with those we serve.  We hold fast to our mission of providing our clients with skilled, compassionate job preparation, placement and retention services, as well as, support for advancement toward earning a living wage within our Move-Up program.  Our Move-Up program helps applicants advance beyond entry-level employment toward positions with adequate income to support themselves and their families (position paying $13.00 per hour or more).

Our strategy for success and advancement is to replace the isolation of unemployment with the productivity of a job and with establishing or increasing levels of a support community.  Our placement goal for 2014 is 1,000 placements, including at least 60 individuals placed at Move-Up level positions.  With more than 33 years of experience, we have developed a strong reputation for making strides to reducing poverty through job placement.

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